Kenya Rift Valley Safari Hot Spots

Rift valley is the greatest valley in the world a continental fault system which stretches from the dead sea all the way to Mozambique .in Kenya, the valley forms a great rift through the middle of the country beginning from Turkana in the north to lake Magadi to the south. in between are a series of other lakes: Lake Barigo,Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru, lake Elmentaita, and Lake Naivasha.only two of these lakes (Naivasha and Baringo) are fresh water lakes. The others are shallow soda lakes.

Dozens of Volcanoes erupted in and around the Rift valley. Most of them are now extinct, but have left their mark on the landscape in the form of half submerged islands, giant calderas, and the distinctive cone shapes which dot the landscape. The Rift valley evokes a sense of immense mystery and the power of time.

Most visitors to Kenya first see the Rift Valley when traveling on the Nairobi-Naivasha road. This first view almost always a stunning surprise. After driving through cool conifer forests suddenly you are at the edge of the distinctive volcanic shape of Mt longonot dominates the scene. Forty-eight kilometers across rises the dark blue escarpment of the other side of the valley. At the viewpoints, persistent souvenir salesmen force you back to reality

The Masai have been in the Rift Valley Kenya for centuries. Today the most popular tourist areas are around Lakes Naivasha, Nakuru and Baringo. All of these Kenya Rift Valley lakes have several accommodation options and are linked by relatively good tarmac roads. The lakes are known for their exceptional bird life, especially the pink flocks of flamingos which feed in the soda lakes. National parks have been established around Lake Nakuru and lake Bogoria.

Lake Naivasha Area

Lake Naivasha, 83 kilometers from Nairobi, is the highest of the Rift valley Lakes surprisingly; Lake Naivasha (1888 meters) is at a higher altitude than Nairobi (1670 meters). This beautiful freshwater lake has large floating islands of papyrus, a mysteriously fluctuating water level, a healthy hippo population and wonderful and diverse bird life. Its shores are lined with yellow-barked fever trees and horticultural farms and vineyards .there is a yacht club on Crescent Island for sailing and windsurfing. Fishing is popular and there are even fresh water crayfish in the lake. There are a whole host of places to stay around the lake, ranging from bustling hotels to catered home stays. Naivasha proximity to Nairobi makes it ideal for a weekend (or longer) getaway. There is much to see and do in the area.

Crescent Island

This small Island in Lake Naivasha is the outer rim of a submerged volcano. there is a private game sanctuary on the island and it is safe to walk among wild animals

Hells Gate National Park

The geological formation of this park is particularly impressive with soaring red cliffs, isolated volcanic plugs, spreading grasslands dotted with game and deed gorges where visitors can walk. There is a geothermal project at the far end of the park.

Elsamere Conservation center

This former home of Joy Adamson of born free fame is now a residential conservation center. it is open to visitors for afternoon teas.

Crater Lake sanctuary

A vivid green lake has formed in the caldera of an extinct volcano. This is a peaceful and remote spot with lovely views.

Mount Longonot

This extinct volcano has a path to the top and around the rim. There are magnificent views.

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