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Kenya is the official home of African safari. Kenya safari holidays are the dream of every travelling enthusiast and provide the best that Africa has to offer. The home to iconic wildlife destinations and idyllic beaches, Kenya promises you the best time of your lives on your holidays here.

Kenya is without doubt the best safari destination in the world and for some very good reasons. The country is famous for its scenic beauty, warm tropical waters, diverse cultures and of course abundant wildlife. Kenya also reportedly has footprint free beaches that ensure a complete Kenya safari holidays experience.

The big event is the visit to Masai Mara, which occupies prime position as the best game reserve in Kenya. The place provides excellent opportunities to view lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffaloes in their natural habitat. The sight of a million plus wildebeast and zebras is difficult to put away, even long after you have gone away from this wonderful place. With its wide open savannahs and rolling grasslands, the Masai Mara provides the feeling of sprawling wilderness difficult to experience elsewhere. The raw energy of the place as an impressive array of wild animals takes center stage can be a truly stimulating sight.

Kenya safari holidays can be enjoyed throughout the year but the best game viewing is recommended during the cold wintery months of May through August and the slightly warmer spring months of September and October. Some of the popular destinations besides the Masai Mara are the Amboseli national park and Lake Nakuru. There are various safari plans available, each of which offers you a unique piece of Kenyan safari delight. You can enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery and lake birds along with plains that are teeming with wildlife.

The Aberdares national Park is a place of incomparable natural beauty and incorporates in it the famous Aberdares mountain ranges. It is here that Treetops, the lodge that is famous for the best game viewing sights is located. Close by is Lake Naivasha, the freshwater lake around which resides over 450 species of rare birds. They are best viewed between October and March when their density is the highest. Your Kenya safari holidays cannot be complete without a stay at Mara Simba lodge in Masai Mara. The lodge is located in a position that offers visitors the best view of the bank of the Talek, a tributary of the Mara River. The view from the lodge is indeed breathtaking as it provides a spectacular view of the surroundings.

The best part of any South Africa safari is without doubt the view of the Great Migration. The sight of hundreds of thousands of animals thundering past the path between Serengeti and the Masai Mara can be indeed mind boggling. It is the most spectacular and enthralling wildlife theater on earth and must not be missed at any cost. The animals enjoy the Masai Mara hospitality for three to four months before setting off for the fresh, green pastures of the Southern Serengeti plains.

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