Kenya? Think Zambia!

The recent troubles in Kenya are a tragic situation for it’s people; there can be no denying that. How this will affect it’s tourist market in the near future remain to be seen but it is clear customers are shopping elsewhere for their safari experience in particular. Kenya is regarded as the home of the Safari with several years of growth in it’s offering. It is time for Zambia to compete in this market so says Simon Williams of VIPvillas. “The standard of accommodation and Safari experience in Zambia cannot be beaten. The country is the heart of Africa in more ways than one and to truly experience the continent and it’s heritage you can’t go wrong here.” Zambia focuses most of it’s Safari Experience on the ‘Walking Safari’. A bit daunting for a first timer actually walking close to the animals but an experience that will not be forgotten! Really, how do you get a total understanding of the animals and their habitat while sitting in a caged four wheel drive vehicle? Simon thinks the experience of getting close to the animals provides a true replication of the early days of Safari. “Everyone has seen the film Born Free and I dare say many travellers think this is the type of experience they are going to get on Safari. Unfortunately with you in a van and the animal at a distance you don’t really experience the beauty and sheer awe of them. With very experienced guides at your side and safety of the highest standards you have the opportunity to really understand the animals and their habitat. It’s real adventure stuff; trekking on foot like David Attenborough!”

The TV presenter Michaela Strachan agrees with Simon. “Luangwa, Zambia, was the first place I went on a proper walking safari holiday. If you’re into safaris and you’ve never tried a walking one I’d highly recommend it. You really feel part of the bush and see and learn about things that would pass you by if you were in a vehicle. At Kuyenda, we slept in a thatched cottage with the most amazing sausage tree right outside. The most memorable night for me was listening to an elephant chomping away at the sausage pods whilst we lay under our mozzie net in the middle of the night. It’s always amazing falling asleep to the sounds of the African bush.”

Andy Parr

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