Learn More About Kenya – Book Review

Many people consider Kenya to be the gateway to Africa. If you ever want to go on an African safari, you fly into Kenya, and you go on your exotic tour and exciting vacation from there. Kenya is a very interesting place with a rich history. Today, Nairobi is a modern city on top of the hill at a fairly high altitude; still, parts of Nairobi are covered with slums, where the poorest of the poor in Africa live.

In one place, the Kibera Slum has 880,000 people living in 2.2 square miles, located between a golf course and the Nairobi River. It is quite sickening to see people living in such filth with sewage canals through the slum, and in such incredible density. While the locals are cleaning it up, things still aren’t so great. All in all, Kenya is a place that everyone should visit sometime in their life.

If you’d like to visit this country, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how different it is from how people live in the first world. In fact, there is a very good book I’d like to recommend to you, it is a book I own along with books on so many other countries. This book is especially good and I thought you should know;

“Kenya – Insight Guides” Edited by Mohamed Amin and John Earnes, APA Publications – a division of Prentice Hall, 1989, 315 pages.

Yes, many things have changed since 1989, but the history still remains the same, even if folks today are trying to rewrite it slightly. It is a book where you’ll learn about all the tribes of Kenya and the surrounding areas, some of which are in the national parks. Then you will see the contrast of cosmopolitan Nairobi. You’ll learn about the landscapes, the marine parks, the forests, the mountains, and the incredible wildlife that is all around.

This book is full of maps of territories, cities, trails in special zones. The book is fully illustrated and you will be completely amazed at the artwork, the animal pictures, and the beautiful landscapes. There is information about ancient Africa including archaeological digs, writings, and later in their history the colonization. Even if you don’t go to visit, you will learn quite a bit merely by going through this book and you will feel as if you have experienced the lifestyle, the serenity, and the adventure within.

Indeed, I wholly recommend this book, and that you read other books on Kenya to educate yourself on this great country. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow