Taylor Hicks – Anagrams Of The Name Taylor Hicks Reveals The Music Was Written In His Name

Like no other Idol in American Idol history, his name Taylor Hicks has something special hidden within its frame of letters—a truth that has come to life for Taylor Hicks. You see— the letters that make up his name, TAYLOR HICKS, when rearranged, become the anagram A SILKY TORCH.

Anagrams of a name, a word, or a phrase can be funny, silly, or serious. The goal of any Anagrammer is to always form a verse of unerring truth about the original word, name, or phrase being anagrammed. For instance, a truthful anagram for the name CLINT EASTWOOD is OLD WEST ACTION. This anagram of Clint Eastwoods’ name is clearly referring to the truth of his long history doing western movies.

HARK! LOS CITY is an uncanny anagram that I found in the name of TAYLOR HICKS which very clearly explains how he made his musical mark in the City of Los Angeles while being an American Idol contestant. The planet Jupiter, by-the-way, was auspiciously transiting over his natal Venus which insisted on his popularity. I another anagram that I was able to form of his name TAYLOR HICKS, was A SLY ROCK HIT—If you’ve heard his new album, you’ll hear some pretty infectious tunes that will long after linger with you.

One of my favorite anagrams of the name TAYLOR HICKS is THICK ROYALS. Now doesn’t that sound like his musical career will sizzle and soar? and that he’ll make lots of green paper? It does to me. Especially when I find the same, very subtle–yet descriptive all telling anagrams in the names of some other giants in our musical history. For instance,

I found in the name of GENE SIMMONS the anagram SOME MEN SING. Now, you kow this musical artist is the lead singer for KISS, right? In the name of one of Taylor’s favorites, RAY CHARLES is the anagram ALAS HER CRY! which of course immediately brings to mind the song “Georgia”. Is that not too cool? Wait there is more!

The anagram IN EVERY SPELL is the rearrangement of letters for the name ELVIS PRESLEY and we know the fanatic fan base he carried during the course of his career. And how about that famous singer referred to as Old Blue Eyes or Chairman of the Board, or also know as FRANK SINATRA–a known member of Rat Pack who crooned with the likes of Dean and Sammy in Las Vegas–do I really need to mention their last names?—well Frankie’s name anagrams into RAT FANS IN ARK.

Now here are two more musical giants whose names seem to hold a truth that we all know. SLICK ON EACH JAM is an anagram for the name of the King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON which immediately sends the mental image of moon walking to my brain–how about you? And the name anagram MASTER, MARS ALL belongs to MARSHALL MATHERS, aka: Eminem or Slim Shady–who of course is the young Rapper who, in the past, has had slashing lyrics regarding other musicians in his recordings. Isn’t that right?

Lastly, getting back to TAYLOR HICKS, a LAST HICKORY, which is another anagram of his name, and which I interpret to mean, that Hicks’ musical talent is like a mighty tree with a long and strong standing history behind it that is being carryied by musical inspiration of legends past. Now we all know that during Taylor’s American Idol season references were made to his vocals being along the lines of OTIS REDDING who by the way has a name that anagrams into this uncanny truth, I DIED STRONG. Ottis Redding’s famous song, Dock of the Bay, was recorded three days prior to his death in a plane crash. Did your know that?

So you see, when a name can tell a powerful truth such as the examples outlined above for some of our treasured musical muses of history, there leaves no doubt in ones mental capacity that when you find the anagrams HOT SILKY CAR and THY CLOAK, SIR in the name of TAYLOR HICKS that he will, with no doubt, very surely have a lucrative and legendary musical career.

Source by Renee Francis